How are you positioned in terms of sport currently? Is there any potential for optimisation or even a need for action?

Please, take 15 minutes to assess your current situation. You will then get an overview of your personal situation. This assessment is very valuable for you.

This offer is open to all sportlifeone members, but also to other people in competitive sport (young athletes, elite athletes, former athletes, sports officials).

How to get your individual analyse:

We ask you 24 questions on a total of 8 different topics. Your answers are used to create a spider graph that shows which areas you already cover well and where there is still need for action.

The 32% for the keyword "career", for example, means that you have not yet given much thought to your career path after your sports career.

Take the opportunity to discuss your evaluation with one of our experts. Let us explain possible options. Find out how the sportlifeone partners can support you for the next steps.

The assessment and the expert discussion are free of charge. Just do it.